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We are making AI ubiquitous with edge devices.
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Over the next five years, billions of computing devices will be seeing, listening, reasoning and predicting, without constant connectivity to the cloud, foretelling the existence of an intelligent edge. Seventh Sense is at the forefront of the edge trend for computer vision. Embracing both hardware and software, we envision AI models optimized for low powered, embedded, edge silicon devices that are compatible with any camera system already deployed worldwide today. Seventh Sense' proposition will enable ubiquitous and secure AI.

Meet the team

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With 10 years of experience at National Semiconductor, Ashish also has Wall Street banking experience. He's raised private equity capital for a shipping venture and has experience with capital markets.

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A finance veteran, Sam has overseen the finances and operations of large public and private companies in shipping, aviation, casino and hospitality industries.

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A serial entrepreneur, Varun is best known for being founder of tenCube, a mobile security company that was acquired by Intel/McAfee in 2010.

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