OpenCV FR: Ranked among Top 10 algorithms globally by NIST

Trusted by OpenCV, enjoy easy, accurate, and secure face recognition as the new standard.

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We have partnered with OpenCV, the leading Computer Vision library, to deliver top-tier Face Recognition technology. Our API-based solution offers easy-to-use, scalable, and secure Face Recognition as a service, deployable on any internet-connected device. Utilizing deep learning, our technology accurately detects, recognizes, and compares faces, enabling applications such as one-to-many face search, face comparison, access control, attendance management, etc.

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  • Liveness/Anti-Spoofing: Our solutions feature cutting-edge liveness and anti-spoofing detection to ensure security. This technology detects presentation attacks with just one image, enhancing the user experience while maintaining high-security. Our liveness feature meets ISO 30107 Level 1/Level 2 standards with a 0% error rate.
  • NIST Twins Analysis: We excel in the NIST Twin Analysis, demonstrating exceptional performance in False Match Rate (FMR) evaluations, even when comparing twins.
  • Racial Bias Assessment: We ensure minimal racial bias by analyzing variance across diverse countries, demonstrating our commitment to fairness.
  • Edge FR & Machine Vision (Partner Solutions): Partner with us and industry leaders like Intel, Blaize, and SophGo for Edge FR and Machine Vision solutions tailored to your needs.
  • On-Premises Server: Our On-Premises Server solution provides the same features as our web API, but with the added benefit of being deployable on your own servers for enhanced data security and compliance with internal policies.

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