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Seventh Sense is a deep-tech AI company with

World-class competency
in Face Recognition (FR)

Our core capability in Edge-AI and Machine Vision solve the problem of running computationally intensive deep learning (AI) without the need for expensive GPUs or the Cloud.

Research Team

with cutting edge solutions

Co-founders with
2+ decades

of success experience

Backed by
US Based VC

& recognized local investers

Ethical and safe use of AI through

Security and Compliance

Our cloud and on-premises services are certified to be ISO 27001 and SOC 2 compliant, we give our customers peace of mind.

Seventh Sense deeply values

Customer Privacy

We are externally GDPR certified and PDPA compliant. Check out our Face Recognition Terms of services, Privacy policy, and Cookie policy to learn how we manage our customers’ information.

Our Solutions

Face Verification

Our suite of face-processing products work by using deep learning-based technology to detect, recognize and compare facial images.

Unlike other Face Recognition solutions, Seventh Sense also offers Liveness/Face Anti-Spoofing capability from a single photograph greatly enhancing user experience

High Accuracy
Easy to use
Robust technology
Edge AI

Seventh Sense' expertise enables the optimization of complex AI algorithms for low-cost, low-compute, low-power, edge hardware devices.

Unlike traditional approaches to AI, Seventh Sense' core hardware optimization, techniques allow execution of even the most complex AI algorisms on devices without GPUs.

No GPU required
Cost effective
Energy saving

Seventh Sense technologies

Face Detection

Blazing fast and accurate Face Detection from captured images or in real time, including video feed

Detect all faces in the same frame
Capable to detect small image upto 45 x 45  pixels
Upto 45 x 45  pixels
Face Search

Evaluate similarities between 1 face amongst a database of faces with strong resemblance and verify if they are the same person

Identify a face within a collection of faces or to find similar-looking faces
2.4x outperformance from our closest competitors
1:N matching
Face Comparison

Cutting-edge facial comparison technology performs high-precision comparisons of human faces and determines whether the same person appears across different images.

Similarity comparison, identity authentication
Precise results
1:1 matching
Face Anti-Spoofing

Face Anti-Spoofing reduces face related fraud by ensuring printed or on screen faces are eliminated.

Liveness detects spoofing from a single frame
Verification in milliseconds
World leading capability
Edge AI SDK & Toolkits

Edge AI deals with running complex Machine Learning algorithms on a local device or machine without needing to connect to external systems or the Internet

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Our technology enables everyone to build products which help in making our cities and communities smart and safe.

We make it possible to get GPU-class machine vision performance on commoditized hardware such as ubiquitous CPUs, mCPUs, embedded systems, and compute-constrained devices.
Globally ranked from NIST FRVT
Amongst AUKUS/



For people starting in this field

1000 API calls per day
100 max person registered
Face search
Face verification
No Multiple developers
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For small-size organizations, to get started at a low cost.

15 API calls per minute
1000 max persons registered
Face search
Face verification
Multiple developers
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For Growing business, upgrade with more flexibility.

30 API calls per minute
5000 max persons registered
Face search
Face verification
Multiple developers
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Without Liveness
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For Professional business, operates without hassle.

60 API calls per minute
10000 max persons registered
Face search
Face verification
Multiple developers
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With Liveness


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