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Easily multiple times faster than the competition. At a fraction of the cost of present-day GPU solutions. Tomorrow's capabilities available today.

Hardware + Software Solutions

  • Our ultraefficient AI products and solutions running on the Edge, solving real-world machine vision challenges with class-leading benchmarks
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Module 7 ™

Self-contained AI edge solution specializing in Homeland Security and Defense markets

Server 7 ™

Real-time non-GPU Video analytics solution for Security and Surveillance markets

Terminal 7 ™

A Face-Recognition Kiosk solution for VMS, access control, etc, designed for Retail and Enterprise markets

Software-only Solutions
  • Use our SDK, Toolkit, Inference Engine on your own hardware (commodity CPUs, mCPUs or FPGAs) with equivalent GPU performance at a fraction of the cost
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SDK 7 ™

Development tool for bespoke solutions of any scale using libraries for video and photo processing
Face Detection for Android


Industry-leading Mobile Facial Recognition app designed for Law Enforcement and Security markets. Works with API 7 ™ Server
Download for Android 10 (available in select countries)

API 7 ™

Seventh Sense Facial Recognition API
Download for Ubuntu  |  User Guide

The Seventh Sense Advantage


Seventh Sense products and solutions provide end-users and developers an easy approach to replace GPUs for AI machine vision tasks, offering an equivalent and economical performance, using commodity hardware such as CPUs, mCPUs, FPGAs etc.

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