SenseCrypt eID: 0% Biometrics, 100% Privacy

Everyone should have the right to privacy. Our revolutionary cryptographic AI algorithms enables facial verification without any biometrics storage. Enjoy peace of mind with GDPR-compliant technology that puts you in control of your data, eliminating privacy risks and ensuring complete security.

Broad Use Cases
SenseCrypt eID
Proof of
Biometric ID
Identity Verification
& Authentication
SenseCrypt's face-based eID is a revolutionary privacy-preserving biometric identity solution. With approximately 1.1 billion people worldwide lacking a way to claim ownership over their identity, a well-designed ID solution not only promotes civic and social empowerment but also enables real and inclusive economic gains. SenseCrypt ID is an affordable, accessible, and secure answer to this pressing issue. The system provides powerful authentication and verification without relying on internet connectivity or storing face templates, ensuring the highest levels of security and dependability.
How it works

Generating a SensePrint: SenseCrypt uses your face, optional metadata, and/or password to create an encrypted, privacy-preserving binary representation called a SensePrint. No biometric data is stored, ensuring privacy

Storing the SensePrint: Once generated, the SensePrint can be stored anywhere, in a mobile wallet, a central server, a public blockchain or even as a printed QR code.

Verification Process: When presenting a face again, SenseCrypt verifies the liveness of the face and attempts to decrypt the previously generated SensePrint. If the correct person is present, the SensePrint can be decrypted, allowing access to metadata.

The SenseCrypt Advantage
  • Secure and Anonymous: SenseCrypt guarantees anonymity and security with its non-biometric encrypted data structure.
  • Legislation Compliance: SenseCrypt facilitates compliance with global data protection laws by securely verifying transactions without storing biometric data
  • Holder Binding: SenseCrypt ensures that only the person who generated the SensePrint can access it, making it ideal for access control and signing sensitive documents.
Revocable & Renewable

Multiple SensePrints can be generated from the same person. While you can't change your face, you can change your SensePrint as needed.

Unlinkable Irreversible

Given two SensePrints of the same person, it is impossible to determine if they belong to the same individual or not.


A SensePrint cannot be reversed to derive original biometric or facial information, as it contains no biometric data.

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