SenseVantage: Multimodal AI designed to comprehend videos like a human

Transform how you understand videos with our breakthrough AI tech. Easily uncover insights from stored footage or live streams by asking simple questions like, “Find kid in a blue pram crossing the street”, in a fraction of the time you would otherwise spend searching manually.

SenseVantage is specifically engineered for comprehensive contextual understanding of scenes in stored videos or live streams. Leveraging advanced computer vision and natural language processing capabilities, SenseVantage enables deep analysis of visual content. It extracts meaningful insights to enhance decision-making processes and increase efficiency.

Features & Benefits:
  • Think It, Find It: SenseVantage is a natural language based Multimodal AI Intelligent Video Search engine. Simply describe in your own words what you're searching for in a video, and SenseVantage will locate it for you. Easily find the needle in the haystack of numerous or lengthy videos by just stating your query in natural language. Rather than tediously sifting through hours of videos manually, users can swiftly pinpoint the precise segment they need with simple text queries. This significantly cuts down the time spent searching for relevant footage.
  • Private & Secure: Only you have access to your videos, and only you can search them. Your data is never shared with anyone.
  • Real-time Alerts: In live video streaming situations, textual search can facilitate real-time monitoring. For instance, it can activate alerts when a specific natural language trigger is detected, improving the security and functionality of surveillance systems. For example, you could ask, “alert me when two men get out of a red BMW.”
  • Face Recognition: Instantly locate a person of interest by name and scenario with a simple request. Receive immediate updates on where and when the individual was spotted in the exact context needed.
  • Edge Computing Capabilities: SenseVantage can function securely on the edge, processing data on-site. This boosts privacy and cuts down on delays since data doesn't have to be transmitted to a central server for analysis. It enables real-time insights and actions, even in environments with limited bandwidth.

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