SenseCrypt (SSI): World’s first Distributed Ledger Technology based Biometric Authentication Protocol for ID wallets

Securely store your Verifiable Credentials in an identity wallet and present them effortlessly in a Verifiable Presentation when needed. SenseCrypt SSI goes a step further with Face Verified Credentials and Face Attested Presentations. Now, issuers can grant credentials only after face verification – without the transmission or the processing of any biometrics. Verifiers receive cryptographic proof that it is you performing the transaction.

Features of your Private Digital ID

Biometrics Attested Verifiable Presentations: Maintain privacy with a Trusted Witness issuing Witnessed Credentials, ensuring Holder Binding in decentralized domains.

Non-Correlatability: Privacy remains intact without compromising security, as data can't be traced back to an individual with the use of a Trusted Witness.

Broad Use Cases
SenseCrypt SSI

De-centralized ID
& Wallets

Identity Verification
& Authentication


Our Solution

Upon integrating SenseCrypt technology, the wallet obtains a Wallet Credential upon initial setup and a facial scan.This credential, issued by a Trusted Witness, binds the wallet and its holder.

When an Issuer needs to provide a Face Verified Credential to the Holder, a Verifiable Presentation of a Witnessed Credential is requested. This Witnessed Credential, containing a hash of the Issuer's connection ID, can only be issued by a Trusted Witness upon a Verifiable Presentation of the Wallet Credential along with a live facial image as a self-attested attribute.

After confirming the match between the facial image and the SensePrint stored in the Wallet Credential, and verifying that the image is live, the witness issues a Witnessed Credential with a new SensePrint and the Informationto Witness (hash of the connection ID). Once obtained, the Issuer can verify a facial image against the SensePrint in the Verifiable Presentation of the Witnessed Credential and then issue the Face Verified Credential.

When a Verifier requires a Face Attested Verifiable Presentation, it requests a hash of claims (Information to Witness) from a Witnessed Credential along with the actual claims from a Verifiable Credential. To obtain this hash of claims,the wallet again presents the Wallet Credential to the Trusted Witness, following a similar process as described earlier.

Upon receiving the Face Attested Presentation, the Verifier has cryptographic proof of the received claims and can verify that the presentation was made by the Holder by checking the hash of claims. This process completes a comprehensive proof of Holder Binding.

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